Tekken Showdown

At an unprecedented event that sent shockwaves through the gaming community, Karachi hosted its first ever Dojo 96+ Event: Tekken Showdown was made possible through generous support from, RedBull, GameStack Venture Games, and Next Generation Esports (NGES). Their support left an imprintful mark on the local esports scene and left its participants inspired and eager for more.

The tournament brought together top-tier competitors and passionate fans who shared an undying devotion to Tekken 7. Battles were intense and the atmosphere electric; players faced off against one another in a venue unlike any other. Tekken Showdown proved that Pakistan is on its way up in the global esports landscape.

The top 16 matches, the pinnacle of the tournament, took place at the NGES Office and showcased some of the finest skill, strategy and determination seen across a board tournament. Each round was an enduring testament to players’ hard work. Every match became an epic spectacle!

What made this event truly exceptional was its accessibility to the viewers. and NGES worked in tandem to provide comprehensive coverage; viewers around the globe were able to witness first-hand the excitement and tension of the tournament unfolded.

Hamza Law was an undisputed champion, showing exceptional talent and nerve. But Aqeel proved an extremely worthy opponent; he battled valiantly and earned himself the well-earned title of runner-up.


The Tekken Showdown Karachi not only raised the status of esports in Pakistan but also underscored the vital role sponsors play in cultivating and expanding gaming communities. Furthermore, this event set a precedent for future events while inspiring an entirely new generation of gamers.

At its conclusion, Tekken Showdown Karachi left behind an unforgettable legacy of passion, competition, and unity. Not just about winning; rather it was about uniting as a community to celebrate our shared love for gaming! Congratulations to Hamza Law, Aqeel, and all participants for making this event such a triumphant success and marking yet another landmark event in esports’ journey in Karachi!