Red Bull MEO Season 6 Free Fire World Series Qualifier Pakistan was a great success. It was organized in collaboration with Red Bull Pakistan and Garena. The tournament saw fierce competition in six cities: Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore and Multan. Team Hotshot was crowned the champions and will represent Pakistan in Garena’s flagship event the Free Fire World Series.




The remarkable journey of Team Hotshot to victory was marked with their extraordinary skill, strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment. They were able to adapt in the face fierce competition, and perform well under pressure. Their win was not just a tribute to their individual talent, but also highlighted how important teamwork is in esports.




The win of Team Hotshot is a great source of pride for Pakistan as it prepares to compete on the global stage in the Free Fire World Series against the best teams from around the world. This is an important milestone for Pakistan’s Esports Community, which showcases its potential and inspires aspiring gamers.



Red Bull Pakistan’s collaboration with Garena and NGES made the Red Bull MEO Season 6 Free Fire World Series Qualifier Pakistan possible. This exemplified Pakistan’s growing esports industry. Pakistan’s esports scene is now poised to achieve greater success and recognition on the international stage, thanks to Team Hotshot. Team Hotshot is congratulated on their win and we look forward to their performance in the Free Fire World Series. Pakistan’s esports career has only just begun. The future is bright.