NGES New Year Invitational 2023 | Valorant


Over the years, NGES has provided its Esports broadcasting and event management services for several events for International and national brands but never once did we create an event independently that we own. We saw the beginning of a new year as the perfect opportunity to mark this milestone off our list and thus came up with the idea of an Invitational Showmatch Series.

We brought onboard TCL, Krave Mart, BOGO, Game Point, and Spotcomm as our official partners for this event, who were more than happy to become a part of this event, collaborating with the biggest Esports Agency in Pakistan.



NGES New Year Invitational Showmatch

NGES New Year Invitational was an online tournament featuring the PC Esports title Valorant hosting Pakistan’s top 2 Valorant Esports teams, Dream Team and Salt Esports teams in a showmatch. The showmatch consisted of 3 maps in Best of 3 format broadcasted live on the YouTube channel of NGES. The casting was done by popular Valorant streamers/casters Tultras, Frisbee, and Jazib.







This was the second tournament in the New Year Invitational Series, an Esports tournament series under NGES’ own banner. The response turned out great, the broadcast flawless, and the competition exciting. The event was also commended by several Esports blogs and enthusiasts.



Dream Team won the tournament following a nail biting equalizer and outstanding performance in the last round leaving everyone in awe. A giveaway of gaming gear and Valorant Points was also done on the Esports live stream to keep the viewership engaged.



The second tournament in the Invitational series is one of the many independent Esports tournaments we plan to execute in 2023. Esports in Pakistan has a lot of potential, and we believe our continuous endeavors will open new avenues for Esports growth of Pakistan in 2023.