Karachi Anime & Comic Con 2023


GeekHaven, a startup in Karachi, recently hosted the much-anticipated Karachi Anime and Comic Con (KACC) ’23, and it did not disappoint. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a comic con is a pop culture event that showcases comics, movies, TV shows, gaming, and other forms of entertainment. It originated in the United States and has since become a global phenomenon.


In the West, comic cons have become a cultural phenomenon, with attendees dressing up as their favorite characters from comics, TV shows, and games and immersing themselves in a world of fantasy and fiction. In Pakistan, GeekHaven is the undisputed organiser of these events and has been hosting KACC for several years now. The event is a celebration of pop culture and draws a massive crowd of cosplay enthusiasts and gamers.


This year, the Esports segment of the event was organized by NGES. This partnership came into existence following the thought that Comic Cons often attract a large audience interested in pop culture, which includes gaming and Esports, and how cosplayers often seek inspiration for their outfits from popular Esports titles like DOTA and League of Legends.

Tekken 7 Tournament


KACC’ 23 featured Tekken 7 as the Esports title for the tournament. Tekken 7 enthusiasts poured in huge numbers towards the gaming arena to land a spot in the registrations on a first-come-first-serve basis.

NGES ensured all the players were catered to properly and the setup was top-notch. Game Stack and Venture games were responsible for procuring consoles (PS4s and PS5s) for the tournament. Esports Hub, an Esports Media Outlet, covered the Esports segment of the event.


The competition saw an overwhelming response, with players from all over Karachi enthusiastically competing to climb to the top of the bracket in a best of 3 rounds based on a Knockout format.

The Grand Final took place on the main stage with an audience of 2000+. The crowd went crazy with each blow and knockout. The atmosphere was electric as the players battled it out for the title of Champion. In the end, one player emerged victorious and received a cash prize of 50,000 PKR and rare figurines sponsored by IGN. The runner-ups were awarded merchandise.




KACC ‘23 turned out great and was buzzing with cosplayers, anime, and comic enthusiasts. The event also saw special appearances like Irfan Junejo, Bilal Hassan, Kazi Akber, and Arafat Mazhar and a dance performance by the pop dance group, Anarchy. The response to the tournament was also overwhelming, a testament to the growing popularity of pop culture and Esports in Pakistan.