FIFA Burger Lab Championship 2019


Burger Lab is one of the leading burger joints in Pakistan and is especially popular among the youth. NGES, as an Esports Agency in Pakistan, saw this as a potential opportunity to gather all the FIFA enthusiasts on one platform and organise a FIFA tournament for the community, all in the endeavours to nurture the growth of the Esport Industry in Pakistan.

FIFA Burger Lab Championship - NGES
FIFA Burger Lab Championship – NGES

Following this thought, NGES sat down with the founder and CEO of Burger Lab, Khizer Baig, to discuss the potential of this partnership, and the shared vision of Baig and NGES to inflate the Esports ecosystem in the country led to a fruitful partnership.

FIFA Burger Lab Championship

The NGES FIFA Burger Lab Championship was hosted at different Burger Lab franchises across the city. The FIFA Tournament saw an overwhelming response at the registrations, and 250+ participants registered from all over Karachi. The famous Burger Lab ‘Firehouse’ was given to all the participants.

NGES ran strategic marketing campaigns on social media to attract a maximum number of participants for the Esports tournament, made all the necessary arrangements for the tournament, including the sourcing and logistics of the gaming equipment, consoles, and internet, conducting matches, and all the League Operations for the tournament. Moreover, NGES also broadcasted the final on Facebook and other social channels.

Prize Pool

There were qualifiers at five branches, and the finalists competed at the Burger Lab franchise in Clifton for a prize pool of 1 LAC PKR. Zain Ali Shah won the tournament, while Zia Ali was the runner-up.


This NGES FIFA Burger Lab Championship was the first offline tournament organised by NGES independently after a series of online events. It was a great breakthrough for NGES in their endeavours to establish their identity as a premium Esports Agency established to cater the growing potential of Esports in Pakistan.

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Burger Lab CEO Khizar Baig stated:

“Esports is growing in Pakistan, and I think as the fastest growing food chain, we would love to be part of the ecosystem NGES is trying to build in Pakistan. This is just the beginning. Many more esports events are yet to come.”

All the participants were excited for the second edition of this tournament.