Baaz Takedown 2023

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Takedown 2023 was an esports tournament held in Lahore, Pakistan from May 6th-7th featuring two popular fighting games: King of Fighters XV and Tekken 7. The event’s goal was to give talented Pakistani gamers a stage for showcasing their skills without traveling abroad for international tournaments.

At this tournament, some of the finest international players from across Europe were competing to become champion. Tasty Steve, RIP and SAMDDING provided analysis and commentary during matches to add a further element of excitement at this exciting event.

Notable personalities present included YouTubers Irfan Junejo and Ducky Bhai as well as actress Hania Amir. Samsung, McDonald’s, Red Bull, Destinations Services , Daewoo Express and other sponsors made this event possible.

At the King of Fighters XV tournament, eight elite players participated in a series of matches; Ashes | Kami ultimately emerged victorious, followed by DgtalEdge Hazz and IA | Imran Champ in second and third places respectively.

In Tekken 7, eight players participated in an intense tournament, with FATE | ATIF emerging victorious by defeating TM | RB | ARSLAN ASH in the Grand Final Rest and then placing third with ASHES | HEERA.

Takedown 2023 was an acclaimed event that provided talented gamers an opportunity to show off their skills while drawing in notable personalities and promoting sponsors’ brands.